Making scented candles? Conducting dare bingos? Launching 'period desserts' at restaurants? 


Through a range of events, collaborations, and donation drives, we raise funds to provide eco-friendly menstrual products to those unable to afford them. So far, we've directly donated 1 million period products!

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We teach women in marginalized communities - slums, trafficking rescue centers, orphanages, NGO homes, and government schools - the biology behind periods, explain that plants don't wilt if you water them while menstruating, and reiterate how POWERFUL periods are!


Our educational modules are made with the guidance of healthcare experts, and awareness sessions are executed entirely by Fullstopp team. So far, we've reached over 6,500 women!  




We host drives to distribute re-useable cloth pads, and consequently facilitate a switch from make-dos such as newspapers, rags, and toilet paper, to adequate hygiene products. 

The best part? Our pads are made by and provide an only source of income to women in rural areas!

So far, we've distributed eco-friendly menstrual products to over 5,000 women!

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