For 4 years I used the same brand of sanitary pads - Whisper.

And I became conditioned to do exactly that. 

Needed a pad? I whispered.

Got unbearable cramps? I whispered.

Raised my voice? No, I whispered.


At age 16, I finally mustered the courage to challenge the status quo in my small ways. I started reasoning with friends who hid the tampon on the underside of their sleeves; I explained how natural periods are to women forced to stay at home for 5 days each month; I argued with gynecologists who denied consultancy to trans-persons; and I donated pads to women who used newspapers and rags as alternatives in areas around me, amongst other things.


I yearned to build a community to join me to celebrate periods for the natural phenomena it is, and founded Fullstopp.


Today, we're an entirely Gen-Z run nonprofit part of a larger global movement thriving to change the world - one period at a time - and ensure that menstruators don't whisper, but ROAR. Here's me saying a huge thank you to everyone who believes in our vision and helps us bring it to life on a daily basis. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude :)

- Anjali Surana, Fullstopp Founder

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